Feedback from Fellowships’ Awardees

FeedbackI would like to thank Nestle Nutrition Institute and the European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition for awarding me the 2013 fellowship award. This award allowed me to pursue subspeciality training at the University of Cape Town, Red Cross War Memorial Children’s hospital. I would like to also thank my supervisors Dr Liz Goddard and Dr Ronalda de Lacy for their time, hard work and care in ensuring that I had a conducive learning environment and also felt at home in a foreign country. 

The fellowship also allowed me to network with other fellows from all over Africa who were training in different subspecialities at the hospital. This, together with the ESPGHAN Goes Africa Initiative, created a rich resource of interconnected paediatricians within Africa who are free to share interesting and challenging cases and learn from each other. It also created an opportunity to engage in multicenter research. The ESPGHAN Goes Africa Initiative also linked us to gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition experts who act as mentors as we seek to grow these services in our respective countries. 

I am currently working at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi. This is a private tertiary level University Hospital, serving Kenya and the larger Eastern Africa region. I work as a General Paediatrician and a Paediatric Gastroenterologist. I also work as a Lecturer in the Department of Paediatrics. This allows me to practice what I have been taught and gives me a chance to also teach the paediatricians in training.

This fellowship opened my mind. It taught me to see conditions that I previously may not have identified. I see opportunities to improve the services offered, train younger doctors and engage in research to help us understand these conditions in our setup. I am excited by the opportunities of growth that are there in our country and region and look forward to being a part of this growth.

Waceke Nganga Kombe


Liliana-Ladino-NNI1I want to thank you for the opportunity that you provided me with the NNI Research Fellowship during the last year. I developed an important part of my Ph.D thesis: “Pre‐ and postnatal nutritional factors conditioning fetal programming in infants born to obese and diabetic mothers" at the University of Granada as researcher of the Excellence Centre for Paediatric Research (EURISTIKOS) supervised by Professor Dr. Cristina Campoy as my tutor, to whom I am enormously gratefully and also to all the EURISTIKOS team, because I learnt more than I could imagine. I improved my knowledge in research techniques and I also learned to apply and to interpret statistical tests. 

Three oral and two poster presentations were made at international conferences, two abstracts were published and three manuscripts were prepared for international journals. Recently, two more presentations were accepted also at international conferences.
Finally, I am so proud because I received five awards by the distinctions of the presentations, and the European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (ESPGHAN) gave me four of them, all as Young Investigator in Jerusalem, Israel; Bergen and Amsterdam, Netherlands; and in Cambridge, England.

It was an awesome experience, and it allowed me to spread this knowledge in my country. Currently, at the research group that I am member of, the Institute of Research in Nutrition, Genetics and Metabolism, we are working on a proposal to carry out a similar study in Colombia with the support of Dr. Campoy in the framework to finalize my doctoral studies.

I cannot thank you enough, but finally, I can say that I am aware that excellence is a journey, not a destination, and this experience was a way to reach it. Kind regards,

Liliana Ladino Meléndez ND, NCP, MSc, cPh.D.
Bogotá, Colombia

Natalia-MigachevaI am happy to inform you that I undertook the research skills training at the School of Pediatrics and Child Health, the University of Western Australia from 13/06/2013 to 12/12/2013. I am very grateful to my supervisor, Professor S. Prescott, and all the members of Childhood Allergy and Immunology research group, who supported me and provided me the opportunity to take part in different projects investigating the role of allergy, nutrition, epigenetic in child health and disease. As my field of interest is allergy I focused my fellowship on the egg-allergy study, and was predominantly involved in two different randomized controlled trials in the area of nutritional strategies for allergy prevention. (…)

After my fellowship, the acquired new knowledge, professional and research skills, as well as experience of conducting international medical study, will be invaluable for the advancement of my scientific work and my research career. Importantly, in my position as an Associate Professor and Lecturer at the Pediatrics Department of Samara State Medical University, I will pass this experience and new knowledge onto other Russian early and advanced medical professionals and scientists, and will encourage new and fruitful international collaborations. I believe that building scientific bridges and collaborations between medical scientists of different countries is extremely important and can be mutually beneficial.(…)

I am grateful for the invaluable opportunity provided to me by the NNI and will be happy to serve as a resource for future scientists who wish to participate in this program.

Natalia Migacheva, M.D., Ph.D.
Ass/Prof, Department of Pediatrics, Samara State Medical University
Samara, Russia

Dr.-Jinyuan-MaoI am very pleased I had the opportunity to study in the University of Surrey with the support of the NESTLÉ NUTRITION RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP. The area of my fellowship was in the nutrition and endocrinology of pregnant women. The whole training was a fruitful experience and I am very grateful to my supervisor, Professor M. Rayman, who taught me scientific thinking, academic design and writing, and also gave me many opportunities to learn some advanced technology and present our achievements. (…) 

In conclusion, I have had a very precious and fruitful experience. With the support of the fellowship, I have achieved a great deal and greatly improved my technological competence and nutritional knowledge. At the same time, the two groups – UK and China – have established a good collaborative relationship and we plan to deepen cooperation in the future to the advantage of both countries.

Dr. Jinyuan Mao MD, PhD - Shenyang, China