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We are dedicated to healthcare providers working on the front line

NNI is dedicated to educate and build capabilities of healthcare professionals working on the front line by sharing all of our premium resources and cutting content free of charge with our elite members.

Members benefit from access to more than 3,000 articles available for download; hundreds of exclusive video presentations from the world’s renowned nutrition experts, and practical content including infographics and presentation slides .We also offer exclusive accredited e-learning and continuous medical education programs that provide practical guidance on the nutrition of infants and children.

Our unique and lively workshops and Symposia presentations at congresses generate exciting discussion and thoughtful debate within the scientific community.

We are committed to increase the positive impact of nutrition

Our range of topics cover the first thousand days, healthy ageing, cutting-edge science all the way through to sustainable nutrition. Our broad range of nutrition topics are focused on ensuring the best possible research is available to the people who care and ensure that a wide range of professionals have the information they need at their fingertips.

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Nestlé Research Center

.At NNI we drive progress by sharing the breakthrough research conducted by Nestlé and world renowned experts, supporting the global scientific community and empowering healthcare professionals in their clinical practice. There is over 50 years of continuous commitment to innovation, state of the art technology and expert thinking invested in Nestlé Research.



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Visit the NNI Campus. This is a place for practicing healthcare providers to find content and information covering a vast array of subjects from Toddlerhood through to Microbiome, Sustainable Nutrition, HMO and a lot more. Explore this area to find content relevant for your clinical practice.