Nutrition conferences

On this page you can keep abreast of upcoming conferences in the field of health and nutrition. You can find information on scientific symposia – including many organized and sponsored by the Nestlé Nutrition Institute.

After the event you will be able to find recorded video presentations for you to watch at a time convenient for you.

Webinar: Early Years: A Window of Opportunity for Growth and Development

Nutrition and its relationship at every stage in life has always mattered. Right Early Nutrition is always the best buy for proper growth and development. From the 2013 NDHS , though some progress has been made but it is quite little compared to expectations. It becomes important that HCPs are constantly updated with the right information to support their clinical practice for healthy growth and development during the childhood early years.

It is against this backdrop we plan a webinar in support of the Grow Healthy platform.  We plan to support HCPs, who will stepdown this concept to other HCPs at FOMs territories.